Sparkle Garage at Grange

Another drift event hosted by Sparkle Garage and like always it was a great time around good people. This time there were a few more cars that joined event along with Irik who is back in town from the Philippines. It was great to see him again and I’m glad he came back to slide […]

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Sparkle Garage 2 of 2

After spending all day hanging out with sparkle garage and drifting with them made me want to pick up a cressida, especially an x7 wagon. Hopefully one day I can get a chance to get one to build, right now I already have two cars I’m working on and it’s a money pitt. I enjoy […]

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Sparkle Garage Drift day!

What did I do for Memorial day? Well I went drifting with Sparkle Garage! The track was in the middle of the desert. The guys stayed over night at the track and started drifting early in the morning until 5pm. We had the whole track to ourselves to drift on, and I was able to […]

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I’ve been wanting to post these pics from JCCS on this blog but havent got around to edit the pics and etc. Well I’ve been off pretty much all week so I got around to take some pics and blog old photos and etc. These pics havent been posted any where not even on DUDEBLVD.COM […]

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Sparkle Garage in FILM!

Had two rolls of film in my bag that needed to get processed. Totally forgot what was on it until it was processed. We’ll what was in the rolls were pictures from my visit in Westcovina to hangout with Sparkle Garage for the EPIC canyon photoshoot I did. I actually love the film photo’s better […]

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Sparkle Garage x Bojangles

I’ve been a fan of sparkle garage since day 1. Everyone part of it knows how to build clean cars. Its not a crew, its family from what I see. They’re creative and know how to be Original and do it the Real Japanese Boso style. These are whips that you wouldn’t see everyday, unique […]

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