Cruising Old Las Vegas

I remembered the night we headed out from Palace station during our weekend in Las Vegas for Wuste 2014. Cool thing was old Las vegas was a few blocks away from the hotel. I’ve always wanted to shoot on the strip but the New vegas strip is always so busy that it would be really hard to grab shots. We hit up old Las Vegas and grabbed a few shots and broke a few necks haha. Good times! Here are the shots from that night, nothing beats cruising warm nights in Las Vegas with some sick cars.


DSC_0322 copy

Jigz and Pat cruising up front.

DSC_0327 copy

DSC_0335 copy

DSC_0343 copy

DSC_0348 copy

DSC_0356 copy

DSC_0361 copy

DSC_0370 copy

DSC_0374 copy

DSC_0375 copy

DSC_0381 copy

DSC_0384 copy

DSC_0393 copy

DSC_0398 copy

DSC_0402 copy

DSC_0408 copy

DSC_0412 copy

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