While I was in Sacramento for an event I decided to meet up with Joseph who came by to pick me up from the hotel I was staying at. We cruised to Downtown Sacramento for some morning breakfast and cruised the city before we went out to do a photoshoot of his XB.


The first time I saw his car was at Toyotafest 2012-2013 and at the Slamburglars 2014 BBQ.



Cruised over to a Farmers market in Downtown Sacramento.


Awesome VW Flatbed selling waffles.




TM1_1714 copy

Then we cruised around downtown to shoot.

TM1_1708 copy

TM1_1715 copy

TM1_1738 copy

TM1_1759 copy

TM1_1729 copy

TM1_1745 copy

TM1_1736 copy

TM1_1747 copy

TM1_1765 copy

TM1_1751 copy

Even though we were short on time, it was great that we got a chance to meet up to grab a bite and cruise around the city to shoot the XB. It was my first time in Sacramento and it’s a really chill city so I’ll be back sometime soon, and hopefully this time I can meet up to shoot some of the Goldstar cars.

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