Flawless Rides opening.

I was working on my car saturday morning trying to get the wagon together and running. Well I got everything together and checked the spark plugs and they were really dirty and wet from fuel. Cleaned them up and threw them back in and the car would turn over and start but bog and die. I don’t know whats the problem but ill find out soon hopefully. Well my friend Tommy texted me and told me that there’s a Flawless Rides grand opening later on that day. Well we went after I got my wagon put together.

DSC_0801 copy

DSC_0870 copy

DSC_0827 copy


DSC_0853 copy




DSC_0856 copy

DSC_0812 copy

DSC_0857 copy


DSC_0837 copy

DSC_0842 copy




I was walking around to check out the whips and spotted this Datsun 620 pickup truck, caught my eye with the gold wheels and the fender mirrors.


DSC_0849 copy

DSC_0851 copy




DSC_0815 copy

DSC_0807 copy

DSC_0840 copy

DSC_0853 copy

DSC_0838 copy

Thats all from that event. I do have some photos of us hanging out at pann auto after the event, which I’ll post up next

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