Cruising on the 5

After I left the Autofashions Soft Opening I met up with Tommy, Ricky, and Richard so we can cruise up to Encinitas for a car meet. It was a really nice cruise on the 5 and wasnt a long drive. It was really windy and cold at the meet, I didnt get a chance to grab any photos. Other than that the meet had a special memorial for a local tuner that passed away from a horrible car crash by my place.

DSC_0401 copy

Richards 610 that he just got done building!

DSC_0402 copy

DSC_0408 copy

Ricky’s AE86

DSC_0405 copy

DSC_0409 copy

Heading home from the meet. We grabbed some boba after and right when we park at the boba joint we smelled alot of oil and popped up Ricky’s hood and saw that his oil cap was off sitting on the Valve cover and there was oil all over the bay. We had no idea how it happened or what even happend?

DSC_0411 copy

DSC_0412 copy

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